Glazen deuren

the uniqueness of the Rimadesio glass doors

Glass is a unique material for internal doors: a choice containing different choices of interior design, from extreme transparency to satinated glass, to the variety of the glossy, mat or reflex lacquered glass. Every type of Rimadesio glass has its own exclusivity, aimed at ensuring the maximum design freedom and the best possible aesthetic result. On the above picture: internal swing door Link+ in bianco latte mat lacquered glass.

doors with transparent glass

Transparent glasses represent the maximum degree of gloss and allow the total passage of the light from one space to another. They are tempered glasses, which means that they are subject to a baking temperature of 650° which increases their mechanical resistance. They are available in 5 different colours and include the reflecting finishing, combining transparency with reflecting effect. On the above picture: sliding panels Graphis in grey reflecting glass.

 doors with satinated glass

Doors with satinated glass allow the passage of the light but also ensure the necessary discretion of spaces. Also the satinated glass are tempered, which means subject to a baking temperature of 650°, in order to increase their mechanical resistance. On the above picture: sliding panels Vela in acidato grigio glass.

doors with lacquered glass

The main feature of lacquered glass is their ability to extend the feeling of interior spaces, creating a unique depth effect due to the reflecting surface. The Rimadesio lacquered glasses are available mat or glossy, but also in six colours of the reflex, which have a metalized reflecting effect. The exclusive collection of the Ecolorsystem lacquered glasses is composed by more than 50 colours. The lacquered colours are double glasses, where both surfaces are completely smooth. The paint, in the inner part of the glass, are completely protected from dust, scratches, humidity. They leave few fingerprints and thus are easy to maintain and clean. On the above picture: sliding panels Graphis light for walk-in closet in grigio chiaro glossy lacquered glass. Walk-in closet Abacus n in grigio ardesia glossy lacquered glass.

the safety of the Rimadesio glass doors

The safety of the glass is an essential quality of the Rimadesio proposals. The company is completely dedicated to the technological research, in order to find solutions and working methods, which ensure not only maximum safety but also a more and more production sustainability. All glasses are tempered with a mechanical resistance 5 times more than the normal glass and comply with UNI EN 12150, UNI 7697 and UNI 12600 standards related to safety glasses for interior design. The ecolorsystem glasses guarantee resistance to corrosion complying with UNI EN ISO 9277 standards and resistance to temperature changes complying with UNI 9429 standards. The Rimadesio lacquered glasses are ecological, because produced with sun power, with the latest water-based paints and with a baking temperature of 150°. A very advanced prodution technology, ensuring the highest quality results and a processing cycle with low environmental impact.