Rimadesio and the project for internal doors

rimadesio velaria schuifdeuren

Rimadesio produces doors aimed at the partition of internal spaces both for domestic and professional spaces. A very specific theme of interior design, that the company has consciously chosen, in order to focus all its technological research, identifying the functional needs of the general public and offering a great variety of technical innovative solutions.

Sliding panels for internal spaces

rimadesio graphis schuifdeuren

Rimadesio has introduced its first system of sliding panels called Siparium in 1992. The system is still available today and shows the technological features common to all other Rimadesio sliding systems: an always tailor-made production and the mechanical components entirely and exclusively designed and manufactured by the company. Each and every Rimadesio sliding panels is a finished product, specifically realized for the spaces where it will be fitted and perfectly solved under every aesthetic and functional aspects. All the following projects have considered new possibilities for the glass sliding doors: Graphis is characterized by lacquered surfaces in the wide collection of the Ecolorsystem colours, and has evolved into complementary systems Graphis plus and Graphis light for the night area. Velaria has an aesthetic concept emphasizing transparency, with its very thin frame. Stripe has developed in line with Velaria but with its proposal of horizontal crosspieces.


rimadesio rail


rimadesio rail


rimadesio rail

All our systems use the same sliding rail, which has been developed by Rimadesio and is constantly updated, in order to offer the best performance.


  •    Sliding rail with patented telescopic adjusting profile. It allows to counterbalance differences in ceiling height without the use of paddings or coverings.
  •    patented sliding profile in extruded aluminium
  •    wall fixing section in hardened aluminium alloy (EN AW-6005A). Guaranteed for loads of 100 kg per linear meter


Internal swing doors

rimadesio draaideur

The Rimadesio collection of internal swing doors has evolved during the years, always aimed at allowing them to be integrated with the interior design. Doors are thus elements that can contribute to the stylistic definition of each project and at the same time represent high technological design items, characterized by innovative technical solutions.

Each Rimadesio internal swing door is meant to be assembled with maximum semplicity and speed, to grant perfect fitting without any visible screws or joints. They grant a millimetric adjusting possibility, in order to achieve always perfect and also light and silent opening and closing movements. Every Rimadesio internal swing door is custom made and is supplied with an exclusive telescopic jamb, in order to cover any possible gap in the wall thickness.

The slim jamb

rimadesio deuren met slanke deurstijl

On the above picture: the Spin swing door with the slim jamb, characterized by a very thin frame. Another exclusive solution developed by Rimadesio, in order to widen the aesthetic possibilities for the internal door and to offer new design ideas to professionals, willing to create internal spaces which are defined by a more and more unique aesthetic concept. Spin main feature is the handle, which recalls some elements of the rational design and contains the unique magnetic lock. The swing door Even is an aesthetically complementary proposal to Spin but with horizontal crosspieces.

Magnetic locks

rimadesio deur met magnetische sluiting  rimadesio deur met magnetische sluiting

On the above picture on the left: the swing door Moon with the unique Rimadesio magnetic lock, also available for other models of the collection, whose main aesthetic feature is that the latch remains inside the door, and only comes out through the magnete hidden in the jamb. On the right: the birectional swing door Aura, with magnetic closure profile. Another invisible innovation made by Rimadesio and also available for the birectional swing door Vela, whose magnetic closing profile comes out from the jamb only when the door is closed. Two exclusive Rimadesio patented solutions, using a fundamental physical principle to avoid from having any mechanisme and to ensure always silent and light movements.

Bidirectional doors

rimadesio taatsdeuren

On the above picture: the Rimadesio collection of bidirectional doors consists of Aura and Vela. Bidirectional doors can be opened in both directions, as they are positioned in the center of the jamb. Hinges are positioned on the upper and lower part of the door. The jamb is recessed in the wall, so to become invisible. All bidirectional models are equipped with the unique magnetic and patented closing profile or magnetic lock.

Opening direction

rimadesio draaideuren

On the above picture: the swing door Mooncan be installed with pushing or pulling opening directions. Moon and Luxor are the complanar doors of the Rimadesio collection, a perfect integration between door and wall, so to have an exclusive synthesis between interior design and architecture.

Monochromatic solutions

rimadesio deuren

On the above picture: a detail of the swing door Link+, with door glass panel lacquered in grigio ombra and the aluminium jamb lacquered in the same colour. Another unique choice of the Rimadesio collection is the possibility of having monocramatic solutions, with glass and aluminium in the same colour. The range of Ecolorsystem paints, with more than 50 colours in the mat, glossy and reflex lacquers, allows to offer every internal doors in an exceptional variety of cromatic solutions.

Sliding doors for pockets systems

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All internal doors of the Rimadesio collection are also available as single or double sliding door for pocket systems.

A solution aimed at minimizing the door encumbrance, without giving up to the unique Rimadesio aesthetic, to the variety of lacquered Ecolorsystem colours and to the technical reliability. Most of the models of the Rimadesio sliding doors for pocket systems are available with standard or with thin jamb, as shown on the above picture, designed to be compatible with the pocket systems of the main producers.

Double slliding doors for pockets systems

rimadesio dubbele schuifdeuren

On the above picture: Spin doors as double sliding doors. Panels are available with a maximum width of 120 cm for each side, in order to allow to design a door opening width up to 240 cm.

A complete retract

rimadesio sluitwerk  rimadesio sluitwerk

On the left picture: most of the Rimadesio models of sliding door for pocket systems allow the panels to fully retract into the pocket system, making the door opening totally accessible. On the right picture: the double doors are equipped with dust seal and unique door pull, completely integrated into the frame and lifting with a small pressure.